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Playtime Productions, formed in 2001, is owned and run by Valerie Warwick, who currently resides in the Redlands, Queensland.

Playtime productions provides PD Workshops for Early Childhood Teachers, Student Drama and Communication Sessions, plus Eisteddfod training and Private Tuition for Speech and Drama Examinations.

Playtime Production has a wide selection of creative and original drama books, including Poetry, Character Recitals, Skits, a Christmas Musical complete with Soundtrack. One Act Plays for the very young and for secondary students and adults: plus, Early Childhood Drama Resources and miscellaneous Scripts.

Playtime Productions will also advise and facilitate publishing.


Contact details

Playtime Productions 
PO Box 2040
Wellington Point, Queensland 4160
Telephone: +61 7 3488 2756  
Mobile: +61 416 174 447
Email: [email protected] 
Website: www: playtimeproductions.com.au


About Valerie WarwickValerie Warwick

VALERIE WARWICK is a communicator on many fronts: the owner of Playtime Productions, an author of many drama resources, a workshop presenter and co-director of the Redland Young Actors Group. She works in public relations and marketing in the independent sector of education.

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About Terry Larsen

TERRY LARSEN has devoted her adult life to teaching children to become effective speakers, good communicators and confident performers. Terry has introduced many innovative drama programs into schools and is the original creator of the Australian Performers and Speakers Syllabus.

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About Glenda SeawrighT

GLENDA SEAWRIGHT is a highly-qualified educator who has gained respect in both State and Independent Schools over a period of 30 years. Glenda has been a mentor and coach to teachers across all sectors of education and is a recipient of numerous national teaching awards. 

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About Merilyn Walsh 

MERILYN WALSH is a highly-respected educator with a reputation that extends well beyond Australia. Merilyn has been a mentor within the Independent and State sector as well as in Catholic Education and is a respected trailblazer on many important academic committees.

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