Communication Workshop for Secondary Students

A new Communication Workshop specifically designed for secondary students who may be experiencing particular difficulty in oral presentations, general communication, confidence and self-esteem and the ability to stand up in front of their class to present. The Workshop is also suitable for those who do have the confidence but would be interested in becoming a more assertive and effective communicator.

The Workshop provides an awareness of the various strategies and life skills that can be used to enhance one's personal presentation, improve on marks and assist in acquiring a 'winner's attitude'. The Workshop is flexible with two models of delivery and can be scheduled to suit the needs of the school.


Become a confident, assertive and effective communicator 

Secondary school students should appear as positive, self-assured and commanding speakers. Able to capture the attention of any audience: an oral presentation in the classroom, addressing the school on assembly or speaking to a large gathering, all should be displayed with confidence, skill and flair to leave a lasting impression.     



Aims and Objectives:  To demonstrate techniques that will take the stress out of standing up in front of the class when giving oral presentations or public speaking.   To provide an awareness of the various strategies and life skills that can be used to improve one’s personal presentation.  Courses aim to improve on marks, impress an audience and assist in acquiring a ‘winner’s attitude’.

Method:  Participants will be involved collaboratively and individually in activities that will open up opportunities for creative thinking, personal analysis and experimentation.  Students will experience and observe the importance of good vocal expression, body language and how to make an impact.

Result:  A knowledge and understanding of the vital elements of creative and effective communication plus the confidence and skills required to influence and impress others.


comm workshop podiumWorkshop Schedule

8.45am   Registration 
9:00am  Unit 1  Welcome - Start with the end in mind 
9:30am  Unit 2  Introduction to the Tool Box of basic skills
9:50am Unit 3 Body Language – Getting your message across
10:10am   Morning tea (Students to provide own morning tea)
10:25am Unit 4 Vocal Communication –
Bringing text to life, Pitch, Pace, Pause
11:25am Unit 5 Collaborate and demonstrate your new skills
12:10pm   Lunch (Students to provide own lunch)
12:30pm Unit 6A Compose your speech with partner
1:00pm Unit 6B Present your speech with partner
2:15pm   Certificate Presentation