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Playtime Productions provides quality speech and drama resources for drama teachers and schools. We are therefore always interested in new ideas, original short stories, poetry and one act plays, character recitals, drama activities and creative pieces relating to speech and drama, especially items that can be used across the curriculum. 

The following can be undertaken by Playtime Productions:

  • Adapt your short story for stage.
  • Provide stage directions for your play, character recitals, skits.
  • Suggest and supply illustrators and artwork.
  • Advise on Cover Design and Inclusions.
  • Organise professional proof readers.
  • Provide you with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN).
  • Provide you with a barcode.
  • Attend to your Legal Library Deposits.
  • Arrange Printing, Flyers, Brochures.
  • Organise your Book Launch and Publicity. 

Please Note: Playtime Productions is not a distributor. We can guide and assist you in bringing your written work to publication stage. It is then the responsibility of the author to place the book with agents or booksellers.

However, if Playtime Productions becomes the publisher of your book, that book can be placed on the Playtime Productions website under the category of Drama Books. Also, the availability of the newly released book will be made know to the book suppliers that are currently purchasing books from Playtime Productions and a copy of your book will be mailed to them for perusal.


Playtime Productions does not charge for a brief appraisal of submitted work. Assessment is made upon the appeal of the content and on its adaptability to stage or performance. If it is thought to have potential for possible publication, under the umbrella of Playtime Productions, then discussion will be entered via telephone, email or a meeting. The publishing process, time lines and Author's anticipated costs and outlays will then be explained in detail. If the manuscript is not considered to be acceptable for publication, Playtime Productions will notify the writer by email.

To submit your work - Please download the MANUSCRIPT APPRAISAL FORM and forward the completed document with your submitted piece. Works will not be viewed without this form. Manuscript should be presented on white A4 paper, using one side only, double spacing between lines and a generous margin space on each side. Works will not be accepted by email.

Please mark envelope 'Manuscript Appraisal'. If the work is to be returned, please enclose a pre-paid postage pack.



Forward to:

Playtime Productions
(Manuscript Apprasial)
PO Box 2040
Wellington Point QLD 4160