Workshop for Early Childhood Teachers, Aides and Parents


workshop1'The Magical Key to Literacy' Workshop 1

An inspiring half-day workshop for Early Childhood Teachers, Aides and Parents, demonstrating ways in which educators and parents can assist children to become successful in literacy, using the child's most familiar communication tool 'oral language'.

The Magical Key to Literacy is a learner-friendly workshop that covers four of the critical elements of the Literacy Continuum, focusing on K – 2. The four focal points, Comprehension, Vocabulary Knowledge, Aspects of Speaking and Phonemic Awareness, will provide attendees with new ideas and activities that can easily transfer into a classroom or home situation. The essential building blocks presented in the program, will assist in the development of interpretation, oral language, individual and group communication plus the recognition of speech sounds.

The program is designed to cross all curricular boundaries opening-up exciting pathways to future growth in literacy skills. The introduction to various dramatized activities will take children on an exciting journey of discovery into words, effective speech, creative imagination, self-expression and socialization.

Attendees receive a Continuing Professional Development Certificate.



workshop2'The Magical Key to Literacy' Workshop 2

The second workshop in the series The Magical Key to Literacy, is specifically designed for Early Childhood Teachers, Aides and Parents. Whilst this half-day workshop is essentially designed to follow on from Workshop 1, it is by no means a prerequisite. Educators and parents may make a choice dependent upon their personal interest in the focal points covered in the individual Workshops.

Workshop 2 will concentrate on the four critical elements of the Literacy Continuum, that were not covered in Workshop 1, namely Reading Texts, Aspects of Writing, Phonics and Concepts about Print, focusing on K – 2. Attendees will be instructed on ways in which to introduce and motivate early learners into discovering the various forms of written language.
Attendees receive a Continuing Professional Development Certificate




Glenda Seawright

Glenda Seawight is a highly-qualified educator who has gained respect in both State and Independent Schools over a period of 30 years. Glenda has been a mentor and coach to teachers across all sectors of education and is a recipient of numerous national teaching awards. (Full detailed profile HERE)

Valerie Warwick (Playtime Productions)

Valerie Warwick has worked in education and public relations for over 30 years. Author of ECA recommended teacher resource 'Prep – A Class Act' and a prolific writer of speech and performance works for schools and drama teachers. (Full detailed profile HERE)


Workshop aims and Objective:

To generate awareness of the 'connection' between the key learning areas of the K – 2, Literacy Continuum and activities that can assist in multiple-skill development. To provide teachers with a better understanding of this invaluable 'link' to the active learning processes of thinking, imagining and responding. To enable our young learners to be active participants rather than passive recipients by making them aware of the various communication skills they can draw upon.



In a group situation, attendees will participate in several hands-on activities, allowing them first-hand experience of the involvement and learning process that a young child would experience in a similar activity. Demonstrating how the use of drama, as a vehicle in which children can interact together, will improve communication and literacy skills and assist children to develop an awareness of the sound structure of speech. Through the introduction of various improvisational pieces, participants will experience a series of activities that can provide a basis for future teaching and learning lesson plans.



Participants will have an increased understanding of the benefits of vocal interaction and drama in the classroom and how to optimize and enhance early learning experiences by tapping into the child's creative capacity.



'The Magical Key to Literacy' will be presented in a nominated venue in the Redlands City area. The fee for the half-day workshop is $120.00 per attendee. A Continuing Professional Development Certificate is issued to all attendees on completion of the half-day session.

Concessions for Organisations Hosting a Workshop
Hosting a workshop entitles the host school/centre/organization to four complimentary bookings for members of their staff or parent body. All attendees will be issued with a Continuing Professional Development Certificate at the end of the session. The full fee of $120.00 will be charged to all others who attend Due to the hands-on nature of the workshop, a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 attendees is preferable.
Schools and Early Childhood organizations wishing to discuss hosting 'The Magical Key to Literacy' may contact either Glenda Seawright or Valerie Warwick, using the contact details below. 



0416 174 447
[email protected] 



0433 670 299
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