About Us

Playtime Productions is owned and run by Valerie Warwick, who currently resides in Redland City, Queensland, Australia.   Born in England, Valerie Warwick had a strong background in the performing arts and an equal love of writing.   In her early adult years, she spent time between three differing occupations, acting, fashion modelling and writing for two weekly newspapers. She went on to run the Modelling and Deportment School at Walmar House, Regent Street, London.  Valerie married an Australian and had two children before arriving in Australia in the early eighties.

Our Creative and Original Drama Resources

Playtime Productions was originally created in 2001 as a means to promote the publication of Valerie Warwick’s very first play.  Since then, Valerie has written and co-written drama books, plus acted as publisher for other authors.  Playtime Productions has published various genres of performance work, Character Recitals, Skits, Christmas Musical, Poetry Books, Plays for Younger Performers and Plays for Senior Students and Adults, as well as Early Childhood Teacher Resources, and Scripts on Demand.

Redlands Young Actors Group (RYAG)

RYAG comes under the umbrella of Playtime Productions, its Co-Directors are Valerie Warwick and Terry Larsen, (see full Profiles below).  RYAG was formed in 2010 for young children (from eight year through to early teens) who love to perform.  RYAG is not a weekly lesson, it is a three-hourly Drama Workshop held monthly throughout the year, instructing all genres of performance, stage, radio, mime, improvisation, public speaking, directing and reading-aloud and storytelling. It also teaches the art of stage presence and audience engagement.

Other Services Available to Students

  • Private Eisteddfod Training
  • Training for Drama Examination Entry
  • Communication Workshop for Confidence and Self-Esteem

Personal Development for Adults

  • Workshops for Teachers of Early Childhood and Primary School ‘The importance of Drama in the Curriculum’

Contact Details

Playtime Productions
Mail: PO Box 2040, Wellington Point QLD 4160, Australia
Telephone: +61 7 3488 2756  Mobile: +61 416 174 447
Email: [email protected]  Website: www.playtimeproductions.com.au