RYAG General Information

Our objective is to provide enjoyable and flexible programs, in the form of three-hourly Drama Workshops, for those who love to perform and who wish to enhance their personal presentation skills and become confident, assertive communicators.

We aim to stimulate creative imagination and assist in developing clear and effective speech by indicating the importance of vocal expression and body language, group communication, stagecraft, teamwork and meaningful interaction with others.

All new students, regardless of age, are paired with a ‘buddy’ so they can immediately feel part of the RYAG team.

Where? On Stage at the Star of the Sea Parish Hall. Corner of Passage /Longland Streets, Cleveland
What Time? Workshops run for three hours. Arrival 12.50pm, Drama Workshops 1.00pm – 4.00pm
Who may attend? Children from 8 years of age (younger if confident) continuing on to Secondary School
What is the fee? Our three-hourly Drama Workshops are only $45 per session, paid termly in advance. The hourly rate is way below the fee recommended by the Communication, Speech and Performance Teachers Inc (CSPT). The Redland Young Actors Group have two qualified teachers in attendance. The fee per term (which covers three, three-hourly Workshops) is just $135. This is not refundable if a student is unable to attend a lesson.
We prefer payment to be made termly in advance or on the first day of each term. However, if parents find it easier to pay the fee of $45 on arrival, prior to each three-hourly lesson, this can be arranged.
Why three hours? Most parents prefer a three-hourly commitment once a month, to that of an hourly commitment every single week. We have found significant advantages to students attending a longer drama session. It not only provides more time for them to focus on their drama work, which leads to better concentration, it also allows for greater involvement in their actual performance.
Will there be Productions? RYAG students perform in a production at the end of each semester. During this time, they will be enhancing their voice projection, articulation, stance, movement and general stage craft, timing and cueing. There is no charge for families and guests attending the two semester productions. Students also have the opportunity to perform different genres in Eisteddfods. Other performance opportunities may occur throughout the year.
What do students wear? The RYAG uniform for all drama sessions is ‘THEATRE BLACKS’. This may be black shorts, trousers or tights, with a black top: preferably black soft shoes or sneakers (black short socks optional). Avoid thongs or footwear that can slip off during movement. ‘THEATRE BLACKS’ can be sleeveless, lightweight and cool for the summer months and heavier i.e. black tracksuits and black long sleeve jumpers for the colder months.
Costumes: These are not meant to be expensive. Items should be clothing creatively put together at home or borrowed.
What do students bring? It is important for all students to bring a Water Bottle and a Light Afternoon Snack. There is a brief ten-minute break half way through the Drama Workshop when students come together as a full cast to socialise whilst having their afternoon refreshment. Drama Folders: It is very important for all students to bring an A4 folder in which to keep scripts, poetry, notes and information. This eliminates the need for us to replace lost paperwork and scripts. A biro and note pad should also be kept in the folder, which must be bought to every Workshop.
Profiles on our RYAG Teachers The RYAG Drama Teachers are Valerie Warwick and Miranda Davis. Both are accredited drama teachers, plus members of the Communication, Speech and Performance Teachers Inc. Both hold Blue Cards.
Is there a family commitment? Yes. We normally hold three Drama Workshops per term with a production at the end of each semester. Therefore, your student will go through an auditioning process, casting, staging and monthly rehearsals. It is crucial that families make every effort to commit to a semester production. RYAG students need to demonstrate reliability and responsibility to other cast members. We do of course understand that sometimes there are unavoidable situations that may prevent a student from attending a session.

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