RYAG Eisteddfods

All RYAG students receive Eisteddfod training as part of their monthly Drama Workshop. The Wynnum Manly Eisteddfod is held at Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre, Tingal Road, Wynnum. The Redlands Speech and Drama Eisteddfod is held at the Performing Arts Auditorium in Cleveland. Both Eisteddfods offer many sections, i.e. Humorous Verse, Non-Humorous Verse, Australian Verse, Duo Poetry, Character Recital, Duologues, Inpromptu Reading, Mime and many more.

First time competitors may find it more enjoyable and less demanding to enter as a Duo (presenting a poem for two voices) or a Duologue (presented by two actors).

Discussions are held with all students and a wide selection of literature will be made available to them. Once the presentation piece or pieces (students may enter more than one section) have been selected, students must put in the effort to learn their lines. Each Drama Workshop dedicates time for students to work on polishing their piece/pieces ready for adjudication. Competitors receive a written adjudication from the Adjudicator for every section they enter. Prizes and Medals are awarded to those who receive places, and an Honours Certificate can be obtained by those receiving an adjudication mark of 80 or over.

We encourage children to participate as an Eisteddfod is a wonderful opportunity to build stage confidence in front of an unknown audience. The cost varies, normally the entrance fee is approximately $6 per section entered for a solo competitor, $4 each person per section for duo competitors.

Eisteddfod Forms must be completed and returned to RYAG by a designated date in order that the application can be forwarded to the Eisteddfod prior to their closing-off date. This will need to be accompanied by the Eisteddfod fee for each individual entry.

Parents need to be well aware that an Eisteddfod is a family commitment and that their child needs to regularly practice their lines. The Eisteddfod sections are scheduled during and after school hours and/or on the weekend; there are often delays in Eisteddfod running times. Parents need to take the responsibility of arranging transport to and from the venue.

If a child decides to drop out of the Eisteddfod team, the entry fee cannot be refunded once the registration has been sent to the Eisteddfod. Once a student has committed to an Eisteddfod, parents will be kept in touch regarding dates and expected times for the day/days of the presentations.