Switch Off The Light So I Can See


Author: Valerie Warwick

(Middle School/Senior/Adults)


A one act play that incorporates three TV programs ‘Solve My Problem’ – ‘The Six O’Clock News’ – ‘This is Your Wife’

As a resource, the three sketches within the play can provide a fun way to introduce segment scripting to Drama and English students. The sketches are short enough to be presented as class pieces, allowing several student groups to give their own interpretation of the various characters.



Switch off the Lights so I can See is a very versatile and amusing piece. It can be presented as a one act play or as three totally separate skits.

The Play

An announcement on the TV news turns a quiet evening in front of the telly into a night of confusion, suspicion and comical mayhem. Bill, quite convinced their ironing lady is a wanted criminal on the TV, takes steps to catch her in the act. Unfortunately the tables are turned and HE is the one that ends up in a very embarrassing situation. The skits are presented in the play as three TV programs.

The Skits

‘Solve My Problem’ A TV show hosted by Oprah Sinfree and a panel of experts who respond to viewers problems. ‘The Six O’Clock News’ A comical take-off of the TV news followed by a very unpredictable weather forecast. ‘This is Your Wife’ A program looking at just how well husbands know their wives. Three very different skits, all providing the opportunity to develop characters with humour.


The one-act play caters for a large cast or for a smaller cast by doubling up in the skits.

The Play
Lyn Housewife/mother – 50ish
Bill Husband to Lyn, an eccentric know-all
Bet Chatty next-door neighbour
Liz Daughter of Bill and Lyn, mid 20s
John Husband to Liz
Maria Spanish girl, about 18
Policeman 1
Policeman 2
Skit – Solve My Problem
Oprah Vivacious TV host
Rayleen Aggressive, no-nonsense type
Bonnie Happy, good-natured Samaritan
Hannah Very well spoken, air of superiority
Janelle Glamorous assistant
Charleen Glamorous assistant
Skit – The Six O’Clock News
Madelaine Attractive newsreader
Raymond Newsreader
Andrew Newsreader
Kim Overseas reporter
David Chief Inspector of Police
Skit – This Is Your Wife
Darren TV show host
Michael Contestant, mid 30’s
Gay Wife of Michael, similar age
Josh Contestant, similar age
Cathy Wife of Josh, similar age



Full Stage Directions – Stage Diagram
Teacher-Friendly and Budget-Friendly

Comment from Rebecca Dorge,
Drama Teacher, Brisbane State High School

“The Students of Brisbane State High School greatly enjoyed the process of working with the script “Switch off the lights so I can See”. The students loved the humour and the way in which they could relate to and create their lively characters. They were excited by the team work it inspired and are looking forward to performing it again in October. We entered this one act play in the Brisbane Arts Theatre Competition and one of our students won best actor (He enjoyed playing Bill so much and worked well with the other very humorous characters). We look forward to working with Playtime Productions scripts again in the future.”