What can children learn from attending a Speech and Drama lesson?

The majority of Speech and Drama classes run for a period of 40 minutes, be it a group lesson or private tuition.  Obviously, this needs to include arrival and dismissal time, which tends to restrict actual lesson time down to 30 minutes.

Regardless of the allotted time, involvement in speech and drama can be invaluable.  Shy, reticent children can become more confident by learning how to recite or perform in a group situation and how to project their voice. They will learn the importance of breath control, clear articulate speech, good eye-contact, facial and vocal expression, body movement, deportment and personal presentation. 

Over a period of time, if they put all that knowledge into practice, their confidence will start to grow. They will feel more self-assured, encouraging them to attempt more ambitious feats.  Speech and Drama can certainly produce effective communicators.