Will Speech and Drama benefit my child’s school work?

From Kindergarten through to Year 12, Speech and Drama provides invaluable benefits at school.  There is absolutely no doubt that children who attend or have attended Speech and Drama, are at a great advantage. 

It starts with ‘Show and Tell’ in Kindergarten and carries on throughout Junior and Secondary School.  Regardless of what subject one takes at school, oral presentations are very much a part of the curriculum and having the confidence to stand in front of the class or at Assembly, can be a great asset.  It is the students who are able to present well, that become members of the school debating teams and represent the school as public speakers, plus become the performers and leads in the school musicals.

Not only does Speech and Drama assist in one’s personal presentation, but through poetry and the various literature that is covered in Drama, one’s descriptive writing and literacy is greatly enhanced.

Capable, confident communicators are chosen to be School Captains, Prefects and Leaders, plus the ones that the junior students look up to.